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We are working on building the best product to unite people and local business together by blending human connection and technology into one platform.


Connect with us as we further our journey into creating Regulr 2.0, which will be launching later in 2019.

Richmond VA

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The easiest way for consumers to share their personal preferences and tastes with brands or retailers.

Regulr lets you as a consumer share your personal preferences in-store anywhere so you get personalized in-store experiences similar to what you're used to when shopping online or on Amazon.

Be human.  


Opt-in to sharing your Regulr profile with any retailers within the Regulr network so they can personalize the experience to your liking the moment you walk in the door.  



Experience Local 

Connecting people with their local businesses when they walk-in and beyond the transaction. Whether you are a regular, first-time visitor or you would like to turn on the do not disturb feature. 

The Regulr App

A customer’s universal shopper profile in one mobile app to control personal preferences, data, and in-store experiences.

Being a Regulr

POS value-added service for businesses to display relevant customer data in real-time to deliver

personalized experiences.

What we are building

Discover and connect with Local Retailers


Shopping Experiences


Exclusive Offerings

Take Control Over Your Data

  • Share your preferences on-the-fly and receive personalized recommendations -- Help staff understand you, no more guessing or retelling your story every time you shop.

  • Pay your bill or checkout with the Regulr app via your preferred payment method -- Just like Amazon.

  • Get quicker assistance by simply shaking your phone -- Get staff's attention your time, why wait?

  • Browse exclusive discounts,  offerings, and promotions for Regulr users only -- Our treat!

  • Tell business staff 'Do Not Disturb' on a bad day -- Browse without being bothered.

  • More features and services are coming! -- Regulr 2.0 will be launching soon.

Regulr is focused on keeping your data and experiences in your control by letting you opt-in and out to when and where you receive these types of experiences. Once you've set up your profile. preferences and data sharing settings, your personal preferences are sent to the POS automatically when you walk in. If you opted-out of certain locations or businesses, nothing is ever sent to the POS.

Here at Regulr, we want to connect people to their favorite local businesses. We are championing human experience by blending technology and data to better suit everyday interactions.


Enjoy being a Regulr!