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Have a say in your customer service and get treated like a Regulr at partner locations in the community.

Are you a business?
 Give your frontline
staff superpowers.

Regulr is a community

of brands seeking to deliver exceptional customer experiences. 

 We all have our favorite local spots where we hope we'll get some special treatment as a loyal customer…


  • a warm greeting by name
  • remembering what you like or don’t

  • or even that you just prefer to be left alone


But too often we leave feeling unimportant and disappointed. 

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We created Regulr to help businesses give you the experiences you've always wanted.


  • Found a new favorite spot and want them to remember your drink order?

  • Pay your bill or tab and leave without waiting?

  • Tell staff what you need instead of waiting for them to return?

  • Having a bad day and don't want to be bothered?

Regulr enables you to save your favorite orders, preferred payment method, and personal preferences in our 1 mobile app so you can share them when and wherever you choose the moment you walk in the door at any business.


How it works



Make a choice

We’ll ask if you’d like to be recognized by a specific business or just remain anonymous like everywhere else.

Find a business

With the Regulr app, you can browse through all of your favorite local spots or just walk through the door.




Walk in & Enjoy

When opted-in, we’ll share your name, photo, and personal preferences each time you arrive so you can be treated like a regular.

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Ready to start feeling like a Regulr?
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