Here at Regulr...

 We are a group of thinkers looking to bridge technology and human connection into a new era.


Human-centered design should be at the heart of every new technology. Recently, however, we’ve seen technology reduce and remove the human connection. At Regulr, we focus on using technology in a way that promotes human connection, not hinders it. So, we’re revitalizing brick and mortar with a new industry of data to elevate the human experience when shopping.


Our Values

We are a human-centered technology company that wants people to belong anywhere. We believe that technology should benefit human connection, not hinder it.




The most crucial component of human-centered tech is the user. At Regulr, personalization is a hallmark to creating genuine human interactions based on each individuals’ personal preferences.




With daily data breaches and questionable data practices in the industry, Regulr is committed to users controlling their own data. We strive to push the boundaries for innovative and new ways to protect our data with advanced technology.




With technology being at the forefront of communication, the layer of human interaction has fallen into an age of pixels and numbers. At Regulr, it’s about merging technology and users to encourage a stronger individual connection which in turn creates a stronger community.



Summer 2018
Piloting Regulr's Service

We uncovered that “Hello John” is a core feature that has real impact and benefits; it’s in that moment of recognition and identification of an individual when they walk in the door we are making possible for brick & mortar to personalize the experience to customers in real time. The key to success for this type of experience is inventing a new human-centered tech platform that can connect businesses and users together by transparent and mutually beneficial means.

Build a user-first & privacy-focused platform

We started with an idea to test the impact of a personalized “Hello” through our app to uncover what it means to customers and brick & mortar staff at various locations. We knew that with the current landscape of e-commerce and social media, that local business had an unfair advantage with a human connection. Their disadvantage, however, is the inability to mirror e-commerce and its ability to perfectly remember every customer when they returned to their website or app and leverage that individual's past actions, personal data, or purchase history to create a customized experience.

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Fall 2018
Winter 2018
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What early adopters want Regulr to be

Learning from user feedback, focus groups, surveys, and in person meetings we found we're creating your universal shopping profile that gives power back to you; the customer & user. Giving you the ability to control your data and shopping experiences creates better human interactions in-store and thus provides business staff actionable insights for individuals that want these types of experiences.  With the insight we gathered, we can look forward to 1 seamless loyalty program with personalized offerings, instead of each business trying to sell you each and every time on their rewards program or offerings that are not relevant to you. We built and gave the simplest tool to our business pilot locations and early mobile users, then listened to how you and staff wanted this service to benefit everyone when shopping in-store. 

How Regulr creates a seamless experience

We found and built upon a new innovative technology that gives Regulr's mobile app location-aware capabilities without tracking you as GPS does; plus keeping your identity private and in entirely in your control. Additionally, we piqued the interest of Stanford University and have partnered with them to research how a personalized greeting & shopping experience can best and positively impact both customers and staff's in-store experience. Understanding at a behavioral level how this simple greeting impacts emotions and the mindset of both parties is giving us great insight into how to build the Regulr platform; one that encourages personalization and tailored offerings beyond the usual passive transaction. From our Beta, our surveys showed that the biggest things people are looking for when supporting and exploring their communities are Loyalty/rewards programs, Accessibility to new experiences, and Hyper-Personalization.

2020 and on
On to the future

We are ready to build the future of the retail economy. Be a part of a new community by joining a platform that unlocks a new way to connect people and business together within your community. We can have authentic and personalized experiences without compromising our privacy. We don't want to live in a world where technology is abused and leads us to a mindless and destructive WALL-E world. Let's build and take back control of our data and shopping experiences together by giving the power and control back to the rightful owners, you the consumers.


We look forward to building the 1st full version of both the Regulr Mobile App and Business Service in 2019. We plan on spreading and providing our service experience to communities across the United States so you can have a consistent experience where ever you go and explore in the future!