Bitcoin For
Your Data

A B2C opt-in data marketplace

rewarding consumers with BTC for access to

their data and giving businesses with better consumer data and intent insights.

 For the first time, you can aggregate and manage access to your online data in exchange for earning Bitcoin. The current marketing models on Facebook, Google, Instagram, or your email are completely broken. You are the product that sells your attention, data, time, and behavior to ad networks and brands but in an age of large-scale data breaches and growing mistrust of institutions, it is more critical than ever to create a new relationship between consumer's data and the brands accessing it. 



Download Your Data From

Social Platforms & Services

Given recent data breaches and privacy concerns, you can now download all of your personal data from social networks like Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest, Reddit, Amazon, and more. Let's take back control of our data and be compensated for it.


Upload Data To Your BYOD Profile
To View, Manage, and Clean

The data and meta-data collected from these platforms can change, become irrelevant, or just be outright inaccurate. Upload your data and easily clean it for what is accurate or relevant to you, creating a genuine data set reflecting who you truly are which brands can access to provide better experiences in the future. 


Choose What Data To Offer Buyers Access To On The BYOD Marketplace

BYOD is a new decentralized data marketplace that lets consumers aggregate and manage their data which they can sell to willing buyers in exchange for Bitcoin (sats). Bitcoin is a scarce digital asset that over time has proven its ability to appreciate in value and be incredibly secure; earn "sats" which are denominations of a whole Bitcoin.




Share Access To Brands and Businesses On Your Terms

our personal information is personal and it should stay that way. Your data and personal preferences are only shared with a business if you choose to share it and accept an brand's offer to purchase access to it. 



 Your Data Is Safe On A Decentralized IPFS Network Of Nodes

Your personal data you upload will be accessible by you and permitted purchasing brand on the IPFS network. Think read-only access lease to access your data for a certain period of time. IPFS is highly secure, scalable, and resilient which is why it makes most sense to store your precious data on for a digital future.



Earn Bitcoin (sats) For

Sharing Access To Your Data​

By embedding Bitcoin as the main reward for consumers, BYOD capitalizes on an already-unstoppable network effect to attract consumers as opposed to having to create its own with a new token with unknown value.