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We are working on building the best product to unite people and local business together by blending human connection and technology into one platform.


Connect with us as we further our journey into creating Regulr 2.0, which will be launching later in 2019.

Richmond VA

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Welcome to Regulr 

Where real-time data and human connection meet

We are building the next generation of the in-store customer experience. Regulr's platform is focused on creating better human interactions powered by smart devices and data, that is fully in your control, and works seamlessly in the background.

What is the Regulr App

We started by connecting customers and their favorite businesses beyond a transaction.

The Regulr App is a free mobile application for customers and a premium service for businesses. We have created the world's first digital profile that enables users to own their complete purchase data, ultimately, giving the power back to the customer and rewarding them with exclusive offerings.  

Unlock a new experience with Regulr 

When you download the Regulr APP 1.0, you can unlock a new experience at some of your favorite places in Richmond; start feeling like a regular. At the core, Regulr is a location-based notification service that can integrate anywhere to power the next generation of customer experiences.

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