Regulr for business

Say goodbye to punchcards, email lists, and outdated reports

Add Regulr to your POS, tablet, or smartphone, and you’ll know the moment a customer walks through the door and wants to create and build a relationship with your business.

Regulr is for restaurants, retailers, bars, hotels, coffee shops, car dealerships, private clubs, gyms, and anywhere else that aspires to unparalleled customer service.

Regulr is...

Your customer loyalty program

Say goodbye to punch cards and points programs. Know exactly how many times a customer has visited your business before they even get to the register and reward them however you'd like.

Real-time customer insights

Historical reports can't help you when a customer is right in front of you. Know who your best customers are the moment they walk through the door and get easy access to actionable info so you can improve their experience before it's already over.

Your customer service training

Training employees to give world-class customer service every time is a huge challenge. That's why we arm your staff with the information they need to help remember and recognize customer as well as work directly with your team to create strategies and answer questions.


1 - 4 locations

Real-time Notifications

POS API Integrations

In-App Mobile Promotions


per location monthly



Less than 5 - 49 locations

Real-time Analytics

Product Recommendation Engine

Slack App Integration


per location monthly


50+ locations

Unlimited Regulr Data Network access

SDK/License Option

Data Streaming

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per location monthly

Start treating every customer like they're a Regulr

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