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Customer service on your terms

Have a say in your customer service and get treated like a Regulr.

 Whether it's your first time or tenth time, Regulr empowers you to control your customer service with a single app and create the experiences you've always wanted.



 First-time visitor

Staff will be notified that you've never visited them before, so there may be free samples, tours, and promotions coming your way. At the very least you won't have to feel self conscious for asking a question


 The Regulr Treatment

Have a go-to drink? Don't like onions on anything? Want some recommendations in your size? For the first time, staff can know exactly who you are and what you like the moment you walk through the door.


 Do not disturb

Sometimes the best customer service is no service at all. Turn on "do not disturb" for any location, and we'll send a notification with your face but not your name so that staff know not to pester you.




Opt-In on your terms

If you don't actively say that you would like to connect with a specific business, you stay anonymous just as if you didn't have the app.



 Your data stays with you

Your personal information is personal and it should stay that way. Your data and personal preferences are only shared with a business if you choose to share it while you are in the store; only relevant information is shared.



Rewarded for sharing data​

Your favorite local businesses pay our bills, not giant advertisers. We'll never sell your data and have no reason to collect more info than we need. In fact, you will be rewarded for sharing your information you love.